Here’s What You Really Need To Know About Google News’ Patent

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Back in December, Google News was granted its second continuation patent in ten years, giving the layman some insight into the search giant’s algorithm, and how it chooses which articles to feature. This news was reported favorably a few months later in outlets like Computerworld and The Nation, who singled out parts of the patent that indicate a […]

10 Tips For Journalists To Get Picked Up By Google News

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Forbes ~ Twitter ~ Facebook ~ LinkedIn Traditionally, news readers first picked a publication and then looked for headlines that interest them. Google changed that process with its computer-generated Google News site. Google News aggregates headlines from many news sources, groups similar stories together and displays them according to each reader’s personalized interests. Articles are selected and ranked by computers that […]


Why Journalists Should Care About Google Author Rank A Lot More Than Amazon Author Rank

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AUTHOR RANK IN A NUTSHELL A while back Google struck upon the idea that in order to ensure search results were of the highest quality content, they’d need to figure out a way to accurately rate and rank the people actually producing the results. It’s only through the advent of recent Google ideas (specifically Google+ […]