How Can Journalists Increase Google News Traffic?

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Editorial Tactics

  1. Analyze news from a different angle and differentiate from what everyone else is writing about.
  2. News focus shifts, understand what is effected by the breaking news and how the story will shift in the near future.

Publish Fast & Update – By being early, as well as keeping on top of new developments, can increase chances of ranking high in Google News. Minor article tweaks are encouraged and can be interpreted as a developing story update.

Titles Matter – The title should be “extremely indicative of the story at hand” and contain meaningful keywords.

First Paragraph – First paragraph of a news article should convey the who, what, when, where, and why of the story in a few sentences (the more detail you can supply, the better).

Publish Informative, Unique Content – Sites are encouraged to produce strong original content as opposed to repurposing or duplicating stories. Priority is given to articles that are recent, substantial, original and focused on the topic.

Clickthroughs – An article with a high CTR is seen as more relevant – with every click counting as a ‘vote’ for the article – and is thus more likely to rank higher (titles, images, videos all effect CTR).

Don’t Break Up The Article Body – Articles should have sequential paragraphs; don’t break them up with attachments, charts or links to related posts. Paginate news article very carefully and only when necessary.

On-page Optimisation – The concepts of generic SEO apply to Google News as well, so factors such as search-engine-friendly URLs, good title tags, use of header tags, strong body content, all factor in Google News rankings.

Images Should Be JPGs and Non-Clickable – this is very important and often overlooked (see instructions below)

Why aren’t my images showing up in Google News?

  • Your images are hosted on a different domain from your main site (for example, your articles are at and your images are at
  • Your images are too small, or the aspect ratios are different than what we look for
  • Your images aren’t inline (i.e., they’re clickable)
  • Your images may be too low-resolution
  • Your images may be positioned too far from your article titles
  • Your images may lack captions

Google Suggest on Google News – provides you with search suggestions specific to news, in real time, while you type.

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