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1. Post rich, engaging content

You should try to post on your page at least 2-3 times a week if not once a day. G+ offers a variety of ways to engage with your audience such as, videos, photos, polls, and open-ended questions accompanying each post to create a discussion forum.

● I would also recommend populating your “About” section with current contact information, a description, as well as links to your website and other social media channels.
● In addition to posting a wide range of content, you can use a number of features that will create a visually stimulating page like the banner at the top.

2. Google+Badge

Adding a google+ badge badge to your website and/or e-mail blasts, as well as the google+1button button throughout your site, is one of the best ways to spread the word by showing those who go to your site that you are on G+.

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1. Add related organization/group pages to your circles and connect with them. This will show you’re active on G+ and increase your visibility. (ex. Academic Institutions, Education-related orgs)

2. Cross promote your Google+ page on your other social media sites (Facebook, Twitter etc.)

3. Use the great new “Events” feature to schedule Hangouts and real life events. Make sure to check out “Party Mode” on your mobile app, which allows invited members to upload photos in real time.

4. Follow “Google” pages (ex. Google+ Your Business, Google+ etc.) to get the latest updates and education.

5. Share your +page with people from your personal Google+ profile to spread the word and broaden your network. Note: Google+ Profiles have the ability to send & share posts with their “Extended Circles” (personal circles and their circles’ circles) whereas Pages do not. Shared Circles.

6. Use Hangouts to hold meetings internally or with partners, host virtual meet-and-greets, have support groups.

7. Expand your reach by utilizing Hangouts On Air (Hangout that is live streaming) to host interviews, Q&A’s, How-To’s, webinars, weekly segments.

“Hangouts On Air” Examples

● National Geographic uses Hangouts On-Air to speak with climbers at the base of Mt. Everest.
● CNBC’s Squawk Box brings in a variety of well known guests to discuss entrepreneurialism in the digital age.
● The New York Times use both Events and Hangouts On-Air for their Olympic interviews.
● TIME hangout with cover story author, Jose Antonio Vargas
● Google+ Community Highlights hangout: Summer 2012

G+ Success Stories/Case Studies

Cadbury UK Case Study
Financial Times Case Study
TIME Google+ Page

Important Links


Google+ and Search: Show up in social search results by optimizing your content for keywords related to what you cover

Hangouts Guide for Broadcasters

Google+ Hangouts 101: Learn how to optimize your presence on Google+ and become an expert in
executing Hangouts

Social Analytics

Ripples: see who’s re-sharing and commenting on your individual posts. This feature is useful because it allows you to identify major influencers, gauge what content your users want, and see how far your network extends (Social Analytics).
Social Reporting in Google Analytics

Build a Community

Google+ Community: 1-sheeters and tips on how to build a media community on Google+.

Make your Hangout Look More Professional

Lower Third Hangout App – adds a professional “lower third” name/organization/logo banner for your hangouts. Currently a featured app.

Easily Share Your Content With Your Other Social Media Channels

Google+ Share Chrome Extension

Get Your Writers/Bloggers Recognized

Authorship in Search –This is great for writers who regularly contribute to your blog. Linking their content to their Google+ profile will not only increase personal exposure and content visibility on Google Search, but the website/blog they write for as well.

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